Tara Baswani

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The Vocalist Magazine – EXCLUSIVE Tara Baswani

SmallGirl MediumCity – MUSIC Tara Baswani At the Gladstone

By Chelsea Ferrando

My job today is to try and condense my experience on Tuesday August 18th, at the Tara Baswani concert, down into 1000 words or less. The concert was just shy of a full hour (in fact I thought it ended all too soon) so you would think this would be no obstacle. But at this point in time I can’t think of anything more challenging than placing this group of artists into a container as confining as 1000 words.

More @ http://www.smallgirlmediumcity.com/musci/tara-baswani-at-the-gladstone/

Sirius XM – @tarabaswani serenades us in studio at @whatshesaid167!

CHCH – From Cirque to Song

Tara Baswani has always been about the music. She was the lead singer and composer for the Cirque de Soleil show “Kooza”, and for the Indian band “Mrigya”. Now she is making music on her own. Today she joined us with a special song from her new album.

More @ http://www.chch.com/from-cirque-to-song/

Ride The Tempo – 5 On The Fly: Tara Baswani, Joyfultalk, Fountain, Tigerwing, Crystal Eyes

On her debut record Tara Baswani showcases a soulful voice that would seem to harbour a mystery – the kind of mystery you don’t ever want to unravel. She also demonstrates mature song writing skills. Moody arrangements and clever instrumentation richly enhance the listening experience. Overall, the tracks could be described as indie blues, although “Sophie” is out-and-out folk and “Breakdown” features a large dose of Indian influence.

More @ http://ridethetempo.com/2015/07/10/listen-5-fly-tara-baswanijoyfultalkfountaintigerwingcrystal-eyes/

Ride The Tempo – [Watch] Tara Baswani – Breakdown

An absolute stunner from Indo-Canadian singer Tara Baswani.

“The first chapter of this autobiographical story of an artist is an ode to the ever-present human condition—the existential crisis,” says Baswani on the website AUX. “The dramatic lyrical depiction and cinematic soundtrack—which has constant references by producer Shri Sriram and I to Indian aural scapes—found a perfect collaborator in animation director, Virpi Kettu.”

More @ http://ridethetempo.com/2015/06/19/watch-tara-baswani/

Aux.TV – Watch the premiere for Tara Baswani’s new video “Breakdown”

India-born, Montreal-based singer Tara Baswani hasn’t had the most typical backstory for a Canadian musician—she’s a former Cirque du Soleil singer, but she’s just released her debut EP Quest: Origins, and we’re happy to premiere its second video, the beautifully animated “Breakdown.”

More @ http://www.aux.tv/2015/04/watch-the-premiere-for-tara-baswanis-new-video-breakdown/

Canadian Beats Interview

April 16, 2015 -CanadianBeats

By: Jenna Melanson

If you’ve been reading Canadian Beats recently, you already know who Tara Baswani is, but for those of you who have missed it, she is an India born, Montreal based singer/ songwriter. Tara has recently released her debut solo EP, “Quest: Origins”. You can see our review of the EP here: http://canadianbeats.ca/2015/04/09/review-tara-baswani/

Ready to find out more about this talented artist, well it’s your lucky day. I had the chance to ask Tara a few questions about her background, her new EP & single, as well as what’s next for her.

More @ http://canadianbeats.ca/2015/04/16/interview-tara-baswani/